Leantro #2

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Instead of being afraid, she was like a moon waxed to fullness and she ran her hand along the truck’s side to the door handle. She sat in the old driver’s seat like it was the cockpit of a craft that could take her to the stars. She let the steering wheel flow through her loose grip. Everything felt different to her fingertips. Everything had a crispness to it that was almost like feeling beautiful.

Leantro begins!

Leantro cover illustration by Melody Often:


I’m writing a serialized adventure novel called Leantro, and it is nestled within a new web-comic anthology called Orgo’s Books of Knowledge. Ulises Farinas is the mastermind of this project, and he’s working with a bunch of different artists to make stories that all take place in the same world. It feels like we are all like little kids having so much fun with this project, so I hope you check it out as we get it off the ground.

Leantro Chapter 1