February 28, 2017… Day 40

Radio alarm: Protests in Vancouver, B.C. today, as the new Trump hotel has its grand opening. It’s Vancouver’s second-tallest building now. The mayor of Vancouver called it “a beacon of racism.” The radio announcer said, “The U.S. consulate is warning Americans to stay away.”

This afternoon the financial markets, and the podcasters and the bloggers took a big quiet breath ahead of Trump’s much ballyhooed address to a joint session of Congress. There’s a thing I know about from Alaska, something some Alaska Natives still do, left over from Russian-America: The Forty Day party. Forty days after someone dies, you throw a party. 

Maxine Waters, after Katy Tur asked her if it is disrespectful for her to skip Trump’s address to Congress tonight:

“No, it is not. It is absolutely not. This is ceremonial. And in this ceremony people laugh, they smile, they shake hands, they hug each other, they honor the president. I’m not about any of that. I’m prepared to interact with the president only when he puts up his budget and his agenda that I’m going to have to fight. So let’s not talk about this ceremony in relation to real public policy. I don’t choose to go. I don’t choose to go. I don’t choose to honor him.”

Elizabeth Warren will be there, with Tiba Faraj, an Iraqi-American accounting student. Warren put her on the spot, asking her to talk about what she likes about America, and she responded charmingly like a cute, ordinary young accounting student who isn’t sure what to say on the spot. She said that she just wants to be like everybody else! They were also sitting oddly near each other on the couch which I decided in the end was also cute.


This is representative of what I’m seeing on Twitter:


Congresswomen are wearing white for the suffragettes. I love that there is a visible show of protest. And many of the representatives in the photographs I saw were black. They seem psyched about it, so good. I did learn last year that the suffragettes were racist and that wearing white for the suffragettes is a slap in the face to black women! And that it’s peak white feminism to celebrate suffragettes! So, I hope that on this, the last day of Black History Month, no one is feeling slapped in the face. It is certainly not my place to tell anyone they ought to. I’m sure Twitter will weigh in shortly.

My haphazard live-blogging of the speech:

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