August 14, 2017… Day 207

Protests in NYC and around the country.


The statue in Durham, NC landed on its head and then crumpled under the weight of the concrete pedestal it was attached to. The crowd kicked it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.59.42 PM

The Gallup poll went to new extremes: 34% approval, 61% disapproval. That’s -27% net approval.


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Trump resisted issuing another statement on Virginia. But he did, after being dragged over the coals by fellow Republicans all weekend. He did it begrudgingly and then complained about it afterward.

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He immediately left the podium, ignoring reporters’ questions.

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The former head of the Office of Governmental Ethics (who resigned because of Trump) weighed in:

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He also released a campaign video yesterday calling Democrats and members of the media his enemies. Maxine Waters and April Ryan, two black women, were among those featured in the video.

The administration did a couple other creepy things today:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 6.53.03 PMTrump floated the idea of pardoning Joe Arpaio.


And then later he retweeted a racist conspiracy theorist.

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There was a very young white man with sandy hair and blue eyes and chiseled features at the bus stop this morning, wearing a white polo shirt tucked into khakis. Now, that’s a weird outfit for Seattle on a Monday morning. That’s an outfit certain groups of employees will wear for casual Friday. But usually not with a white polo, and not necessarily tucked in. And most places are either too formal for that outfit on a Monday, or way too casual for that outfit any day of the week. Anyway, I had a visceral startle reaction seeing him, because he fit the gestalt of the young men in Charlottesville with tiki torches. The sight of him made me a little nervous, but did he have to feel nervous? I don’t know, but he acted like he owned the block and shouldered in front of me to get on the bus.

Three CEOs left Trump’s manufacturing council today. This morning Trump blasted the first one to leave, a black man. Nine hours later he reiterated the same blast in a new tweet directed at the same man.









June 3, 2017… Day 135

Another terrorist attack in London. Trump sends fear-mongering tweets against “political correctness.”

Gallup poll dipped back down to 37%. The 538 poll of polls is at 39% approval. I’m looking for signs of national lucidity.

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Meanwhile, this crossed my timeline and i am here for it:


Other than naming our girl babies after RBG, and defending Maxine Waters’s person on Twitter, we are streaming out of our houses to go see Wonder Woman this weekend, with daughters and nieces (and I hope some sons and nephews) in tow. I love that it was directed by a woman. I love that there are no jiggling boobs, just battened-down armored boobs. I love the cheesy symbolism of a goddess who believes in mankind’s power to choose love over hate. And here’s a theme from Wonder Woman that I haven’t noticed in hot takes yet: She has to be told, or has to learn (repeatedly) that she is stronger than she thinks or knows that she is. Ask women in your life if they want to run for office. Will they say, “I wouldn’t want to put my family through that” or “I’m still having too much fun in the private sector”? Nah. They’ll explain to you why they personally either lack the right traits to do it, or have a bunch of other bad traits that will blow the whole thing up.

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