TOWOIT #263: Commodore Fuckface

November 10, 2017… Day #294

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 9.12.39 PM

Press gaggle with Sarah Sanders. Roy Moore: “mere allegations” … Putin: no meeting will work out with the schedule.

  • So not even a pull-aside, like in the hallway, possibly?
  • in the Philippines or —
  • What happened, Sarah? Why not?
  • Today? Or through the whole rest of the trip?
  • Does he have a bilateral? There’s one on the schedule that we saw, at four o’clock.
  • Ground rules from here on out are?
  • Is China the main target of the speech?
  • It sounds like there’s going to be an announcement about TPP-11. Is the United States being left behind in this region, in your mind?
  • Could you talk about India’s role in the Indo-Pacific framework?
  • One more thing. We’re landing in Southeast Asia. The President has not actually, publicly, to my knowledge, mentioned what’s going on in Burma, even though the rest of the administration has focused on it. Will he do that? Is he not doing it because it was such a focus of President Obama? Is that why he’s ignoring it?

He did meet with Putin.

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