October 2, 2017… Day 256

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.35.29 AM

My white woman friend from high school put on her Facebook page today, after the shooting in Las Vegas, that it was time to take a hard look at toxic white masculinity and all the ways we give white men a pass and all the ways we white people need to take a hard, hard look at ourselves. She was pilloried in the comments by her friends and acquaintances who told her things like “we can’t have peace if we continue to generalize.” It was mostly white women leaping to white men’s defense.

Even after my friend came in and said, “I’m married to a white man, my father is a white man, I know that there are wonderful white men. I shouldn’t have to say ‘not all white men,'” a white man came on and said that he didn’t find it “flattering” to be lumped in with white men who do bad things and he could say a few things about “moody menstruating women” but he was holding his tongue. She told him that moody menstruating women don’t run the government and they don’t shoot into crowds and they didn’t come up with slavery.

She then sent me a message full of screen caps of texts from other people who wrote things to her privately like, “It’s breaking my heart to see how racist and full of hate you are” or “I’m just trying to stop you from destroying your children.”

I’m really proud of my friend. She texted the woman back, “I stand by my comments.”

This is what I wrote on Facebook this morning:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.19.34 PM

And I was thinking about that barbaric national religion when the Trumps and the Pences came out of the White House like wooden figures out of a cuckoo clock. They bowed their heads and folded their hands in front of themselves in one perfectly synchronized movement. Some bells bonged. They turned on their heels and silently walked back through the double doors which closed behind them.

It was creepy as fuck.

And so was Trump’s tweet this morning: “warmest condolences” was just a couple jots to the left of an auto-generated customer service message congratulating a person for purchasing a kitchen appliance.

I almost deleted my Facebook post this morning a few minutes after I put it up, because I’m friends with work people. I’m glad I left it in. They know where the unfollow button is.





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