TOWOIT #259: Is slavery wrong, Sarah?

October 31, 2017… Day 285

  • We’re dressed as reporters.
  • Sarah, where does the President stand on this tax deduction for state and local taxes? That seems to be in dispute up on the Hill.
  • But what about the mortgage interest deduction?
  • Has it come up in the conversation with Speaker Ryan just now?
  • Thanks, Sarah. A question on yesterday’s Mueller news. President Trump’s nominee to serve as chief science advisor over at the Agriculture Department is Sam Clovis, and Clovis was the campaign supervisor cited in that Papadopoulos plea. And his lawyer has since acknowledged that he was the one in that plea who encouraged Papadopoulos in August 2016 to make a trip to Russia to meet with Russia officials about the campaign. Given all that, is the President still comfortable with him, Sam Clovis, serving in the administration?
  • And on that note, is the administration aware of who the other three or four campaign individuals who were referenced in that Papadopoulos plea were? And are any serving in or advising the administration?
  • The Chief of Staff, John Kelly, said that this counsel investigation has been very distracting to the President. Can you elaborate on that? Is this affecting his ability to get the job done here?
  • Why are you so confident that the investigation won’t go on much longer?
  • The other thing that General Kelly said yesterday was in reference to General Lee, and he said that the Civil War was a result of a failure to compromise. Was he suggesting that there be compromise on the abolition of slavery? Can you expand on exactly what he was talking about?
  • Let me follow up. You’re a proud daughter of the South. When you see Nathan — like a statue as they had in Memphis of somebody like Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was responsible for the Fort Pillow Massacre, and other folks like that, is there a differentiation? Do you think there are certain Confederate figures who don’t deserved to be honored, like Nathan Bedford Forrest?
  • [Jon Decker, Fox News Radio] Thanks a lot, Sarah. Just to follow up on what you said yesterday and what you have reiterated today about this investigation and your belief that it’s going to be wrapping up soon. Yesterday, you said that, “Those are the indications that we have at this time.” From your point of view, is what you’re saying wishful thinking? Is it spin? Are you getting leaked information that gives you that indication? Why do you continue to say that you believe that it is wrapping up soon?
  • At the Papadopoulos hearing —
  • I just want to ask you this one thing about one of the prosecutors that is on Bob Mueller’s team. At the plea hearing for Mr. Papadopoulos last month, he hinted at the possibility of more to come in the investigation. He said the Mueller probe is “a large-scale, ongoing investigation of which this case” — the Papadopoulos case — “is a small part.” So, given what he said, as an officer of the court, are you disagreeing with anything that he said in his remarks during that plea hearing?
  • Sarah, I have one question about what the President said today, and then an Asia trip question, broadly. But the first question is: The President mentioned in the tax reform meeting there that he was going to be announcing “soon” some companies that are coming back to the United States. Can you either name them or give us the industry that we’re talking about?
  • And then on the Asia trip, the speech that he’s making at APEC is being billed as a theme for the trip as well as the Indo-Pacific. Does this administration see India as a pivotal part of your strategy when it comes to the Asia-Pacific more broadly?
  • Sarah, the former White House strategist, Steve Bannon, is saying the administration should push back harder against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Does the President support defunding the special counsel?
  • [John Gizzi, Newsmax] Thank you, Sarah. Two questions, please. First, the President is quoted last year as calling Mr. Papadopoulos, and I quote, “a great guy.” And today it was “a liar.” And I wonder, just to kind of clear the air, how well did he actually know him? And was briefed by him often? Did he have frequent meetings? How well does he know this man?
  • And he only met the President — candidate Trump, one time?
  • The other thing I wanted to ask was that a few weeks ago, when the President sent out Twitters about the media, he suggested that equal time be applied. Now, to many people, that was a euphemism for the Fairness Doctrine, something that President Ronald Reagan helped eliminate and which Democrats, such as Leader Pelosi, have tried to revive. Is he seriously in favor of reviving the Fairness Doctrine? And I might add that its premier opponent of revival was a young congressman named Mike Pence.
  • The President — sorry, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is on Capitol Hill today. Does the President have plans to meet with him at any point today or this week before he leaves for Asia?
  • Sarah, there is still a lot to be negotiated on taxes — SALT, which was just brought up; possible phasing in of the corporation rate, just to name a couple. When the tax bill — whatever of it — is released tomorrow, will the President wholeheartedly endorse this as his plan?
  • And lastly, on the Fed — I know you’re not going to give us a name. I’m not asking you to give us a name.
  • Then we would love the name.
  • Come on —
  • If you want to give us a name, we will take it. If not, my simple question is: Has the President made his decision, or is he still debating it?
  • President Trump, during the campaign, repeatedly castigated Hillary Clinton for not coming forward and coming clean when she got debate questions ahead of the debates. Why didn’t anyone in the Trump campaign, including his son, come forward when there were solicitations from Russian agents to provide dirt on his opponent?
  • I’m just getting to the sense of the proactive duty to come clean when there is an ethical question. And is the President upset that people in campaign did not come clean when there were ethical questions and ethical lines being broached?
  • Collaborating with the RUSSIANS is? [SHS had just said “pretty standard campaign operating procedure”]
  • I have two questions. The first one is: You’ve been very clear that Trump didn’t collude but Hillary did. What is your definition of collusion?
  • And my second question is about — [SHS cuts her off]
  • Just to follow up from Glenn. Robert E. Lee aside — and I understand your point about how all leaders have flaws — but what Kelly said yesterday was that an inability to compromise led to the Civil War. And back in the spring, the President said that he thinks that Andrew Jackson could have made a deal to avert the war. What is the compromise that they’re talking about? To leave the southern states slaves and the northern states free? What was the compromise that could have been made?
  • [Someone blurted out loudly, “COMPROMISE ON OWNING HUMANS!?! and the White House transcript did not include it]
  • Thanks, Sarah. Apropos what’s going on on the Hill this afternoon, and Facebook disclosing yesterday that more than 100 million Americans were apparently exposed to what amounts to Russian propaganda, what’s the White House’s view of that notion, that more than 100,000 people have been reading and watching what this Russian outlet has been putting out? And what do you make of the notion that there ought to be some kind of requirement that Facebook be required to disclose — the way that many broadcasters are required to disclose — when political ads are made?
  • [Hallie Jackson, MSNBC] Sarah, I’d like you to follow up on something you said earlier, but I also want to follow up on the conversation that’s been happening about the slavery compromise. I’m not asking you to re-litigate the Civil War. We don’t need a history lesson on the compromises that have happened. But does the White House at least acknowledge that the Chief of Staff’s comments are deeply offensive to some folks, and historically inaccurate?
  • [Hallie says “I’m not trying to ‘drive a narrative’ here–Sarah, can I follow up on that, given that you–” then Hallie’s face turns into one of pure frustration, disgust, disdain as Sarah facially stonewalls her and the next reporter, male, drowns out Hallie’s voice. The White House transcript leaves off Hallie’s attempt to follow up.]
  • There’s a new poll out that shows that the public seems to trust many of the mainstream media outlets that the President criticizes more than they trust the President himself. Why do you think this would be? And do you think the White House agrees with that?
  • Sarah, given some of the criticism we’ve heard from the President’s outside advisors, is the President happy with his legal team right now? Does he feel well-represented, well-defended when it comes to the Mueller probe particulars?
  • Thank you, Sarah. I just wanted to ask about taxes and then maybe just a very quick follow on the discussion about compromise. If I’m understanding you correctly, what you’re really saying is, he’s not just suggesting a compromise on slavery, he’s talking about other compromises that may have been germane to that period of history. Is that fair?
  • On taxes. I just want to get a sense of what the President might really be interested in as far as the child tax credit and as far as the Obamacare individual mandate. Is it your opinion that the President would be supportive of both? Meaning, that they need to be a major tenet of the tax reform that will be unveiling this week?
  • The Obamacare individual mandate. Does that have to be a part of tax reform?
  • Sarah, you said to us a few moments ago the Papadopoulos plea agreement is an example of an individual doing the wrong thing but the campaign doing the right thing — if I remember what you said — correct me. Does that extend to Sam Clovis encouraging George Papadopoulos to go to Russia on behalf of the campaign to solicit information?
  • Are you saying that Clovis is being misinterpreted by George Papadopoulos?
  • Let me ask you about one thing you said yesterday. You were asked at one point during yesterday’s briefing when the President became aware that Russia was behind hacking and possession of emails. You said, “I’m not sure of the specific date of when that took place, so I’d have to look and get back to you.”



She says he became aware of it in January, as in January 2017 and the room EXPLODES, but she’s already walking out the door and not taking any follow up questions. April Ryan can be heard yelling,

“Is slavery wrong, Sarah? Is slavery wrong? Sarah does this administration believe slavery wrong? Does this administration believe slavery is wrong, Sarah?”

The White House transcript does not include it.

Dark times.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.05.19 PM

TOWOIT #258: Manacles Monday

October 30, 2017… Day 284

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wore fuchsia today and so did I !

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.58.30 PM

Obviously a world of Halloween-costuming regrets is hitting me now. I failed to realize my true destiny. It was to be SHS, in all her glory. ALTHOUGH, it might have been like a less-flattering version of the time Phil in my office dressed up as Don Draper and nobody realized he was wearing a costume.

Well, we are paying this woman’s salary to lie to us. And with that salary, she has availed herself of these sleeves:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.55.51 PM

Sarah Huck, Sarah Huck. I tell guys on Twitter to stop being jackasses when they make fun of your clothing. And then you do THIS?

It’s ok. Even now, I will defend your marine invertebrate swaddlements.

Here are the questions Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked today:

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TOWOIT #257: Don’t go to the White House

October 27, 2017… Day 281

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 7.36.29 PM

Whirlwind Friday news evening with the talk of Mueller charges and someone possibly being taken in to custody on Monday. I’m seeing jubilation online, but not feeling it myself. This week has been too dark. Too dark! I’m not letting my guard down.

Let us retreat to the familiar confines of the White House Press Briefing, where Sarah Sanders was particularly smug and condescending to reporters, as the reporters’ children looked on and added their small murmurous child sounds to the room noise.

Do not take your children to the White House.

Don’t go to the White House!

God, I hate Halloween anyway.

C-SPAN cut to the briefing from a live call-in about sexual harassment in the workplace. An anonymous caller had just said, with a shaky voice, how a coworker drugged her drink and kept her in his apartment for 18 hours afterward, but she just suppressed it for 5 years and said nothing to anyone. Cut abruptly to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an emerald green dress, opening her mouth to make one of her snarky, un-funny salutations to the room. She will go on to confirm that the White House’s official position is that all 16 women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment are liars.

It’s hard to refrain from gendered insults, with Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 6.57.29 PM


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TOWOIT #256: My Gal’s a Corker

October 24, 2017… Day 278

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today. She wore a pink blouse of a shinier, less structured fabric than usual. The neckline plunged a bit, showing some cleavage. I have not noticed her showing cleavage before and I do not like it when she opens herself up to sartorial criticism because then I feel honor-bound to defend her. I wondered if she felt self-conscious, or if maybe it had not seemed at home like the neckline plunged as much as it did indeed turn out to plunge.

Cleavage notwithstanding, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is like a giant damper pedal. Well, that’s not quite apt. But whereas Sean Spicer used to rattle and hum and spice things up by getting all zesty and testy, Sarah Sanders just takes all the energy and life in the room and absorbs it and keeps it. Everything falls quiet and slow. Just slow quiet lies in a deadened room.

Here are the questions they asked her today: 

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October 19, 2017… Day 273

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.03.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.13.18 PM

John Kelly came to the White House Press Briefing today. It was sad on so many, many levels.

He walked everyone through what happens when someone dies in the armed services. He said this about the Congresswoman who was riding in the car with the widow and the mother in Florida:

It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred. You know, when I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases. Life — the dignity of life — is sacred. That’s gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well.

(“Women were sacred” was a really weird, WTF moment for me.)

He only took questions from reporters who knew someone who had died. Here are the three questions he took:

  • Well, thank you, General Kelly. First of all, we have a great deal of respect — Semper Fi — for everything that you’ve ever done. But if we could take this a bit further. Why were they in Niger? We were told they weren’t in armored vehicles and there was no air cover. So what are the specifics about this particular incident? And why were we there? And why are we there?
  • General, thank you for being here today and thank you for your service and for your family’s sacrifice. There has been some talk about the timetable of the release of the statement about the — I think at that point it was three soldiers who were killed in Niger. Can you walk us through the timetable of the release of that information? And what part did the fact that a beacon was pinging during that time have to do with the release of the statement? And were you concerned that divulging information early might jeopardize the soldiers’ attempt to be (inaudible)?
  • General, when you talk about Niger, sir, what does your intelligence tell you about the Russian connection with them? And the stories that are coming out now, they’re —

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.58.04 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.55.21 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.53.21 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.50.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.45.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.47.12 PM


October 18, 2017… Day 272

While watching Jeff Sessions on C-span today, I got a little weirded out that there were twelve pale disembodied hands tapping away behind him in the frame.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders also came out of her cuckoo clock today, and so shall I.

I had local activism stuff planned for after work today but instead I came home and executed a Wednesday collapse. And washed dishes. And did homework for one of my classes. I’d forgotten my wallet and phone charger at home when I left before the crack of dawn, and I was lugging all this shit around with me on the bus, and a rain and windstorm started up and then my throat was getting sore, and — I struggled for awhile to be that really stalwart person who would just make everything happen — in the end I came home. I’m glad because the storm is making the roads actually perilous now.

So, I don’t have the real life resistance stuff to write about today. Other women (and it does seem to be mostly women) are getting together and doing things and fostering community and being stalwart. Thank you to them.

Meanwhile, here’s what they asked Sarah Sanders at the White House Press Briefing:

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October 12, 2017… Day 266

Honestly, I don’t know what day it is anymore.

  1. I love Roxane Gay more all the time
  2. Bernie is the opening speaker for the Women’s Convention (???)
  3. Life starts at conception now
  4. We’re not in UNESCO anymore
  5. FEMA can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever, you know
  6. Something something terrible headline about healthcare executive order
  7. John Kelly is not quitting today.


Here’s questions that reporters asked him at the jokesy briefing:

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October 10, 2017… Day 264

I like that days are elapsing between posts. It’s as if some part of my brain is sleeping through this administration, though that isn’t true.

The Trump-related news has just descended into nonsense. I mean, even by Trumpian standards. Ivana (not Ivanka) and Melania are arguing over who is the legitimate first lady. Trump is calling Republican Senator Bob Corker “little Bob Corker” and Corker is referring to the White House as “an adult daycare.” Trump challenged his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to an IQ test duel after Tillerson was quoted as calling Trump “a fucking moron.” The VP is flying to Indiana to sit at an NFL game for a few minutes and then stalk out when some of the players kneeled during the anthem–a planned stunt that Trump immediately took credit for via Twitter, undercutting any hope Mike Pence had of seeming sincere. Trump keeps calling Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man.” We’re all gonna die.

The FBI has listed “black identity extremists” as a group to watch. I don’t even know what to say about this and about Mike Pence walking out of a football game as a pre-planned stunt, or about white nationalists showing back up in Charlottesville, or about Jemele Hill getting suspended from ESPN for speaking openly about racism.

I don’t know what to say about Harvey Weinstein and the carnival of sexism and misogyny we’re enjoying in this country. What a typical, typical, creepy ass.

I do know that murmurings of trouble in the Seattle Black Lives Matter group(s) has percolated to the top of social media again. There is a male-dominated group that is shutting out a female-led group. The women say the men highjacked the local movement and who knows what they do with the funds they raise. The men are posting about a new march. They have a very shouty, guilting way of appealing to Seattle people to go to the march and give money — their online tone is a strange combination of bossy and disorganized. I am fine with activists being amateurs but knowing that they and the women have run afoul of each other, and knowing from having attended several BLM marches here that something was going on… well, I don’t know. I don’t want to reward sexist assholes. If this last election cycle taught me anything at all, it’s that black women are the ones who have their heads on straight if anyone does in this country.

A friend emailed from Canada saying that news of the Trump administration is really getting to her, and she was so glad not to be living in the U.S. She then apologized for being “insensitive” but I didn’t think she needed to apologize. I’m so glad she’s in Canada. I’m glad there’s a Canada. I need other places to be faring better than we are.

Here’s some good news: The Republican of Governor of Alaska declared yesterday Indigenous People’s Day (NOT Columbus Day).

Here are the questions reporters asked Sarah Sanders at the press briefing today, in which she suggested that maybe the press should try getting a sense of humor:

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October 7, 2017… Day 261

Hello coevals, coreligionists, coerced coearthlings. It’s just been a quiet, cooped up day of reading, writing, editing, and gazing upon Twitter. The sort of day that starts out exhilarating in its unformatted solitude and winds up a bit dull and lonely.

What better balm for my soul than to cut out bits and pieces of Twitter that capture how crazed this moment feels and how radiantly angry all ciswomen, transwomen and non-female owners of ovaries should be these days?

I mean, I’m not saying it’s good to be angry. If you have a way to transmogrify your anger, then by all means… FUCKING DO IT.

But honor your anger. At the very least don’t beat yourself up for it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.48.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.42.42 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.44.30 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.45.28 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.49.45 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.50.53 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.52.18 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.50.18 PM



TOWOIT #249: The Calm Before

October 6, 2017… Day 260

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 7.18.38 PM

The guys I work with think Rex Tillerson is a good, smart guy. Everyone’s waiting to see if Rex Tillerson leaves or gets fired.

Today a friend of mine, a straight white male upper-middle-class Republican said to me, “I’m pissed that Trump’s approval rating has bounced back up — who the fuck are these people who support him?” I wish more people could be like this friend. Personally comfortable but capable of not towing the party/tribal line.

Another friend told me she is waiting to get in with a therapist for the first time in her life. She still has to work out scheduling and insurance. She’d made up a weird excuse to not go to a friend’s funeral last weekend. After that, she’d realized that she can’t live in Trump’s America and do things like go to funerals. She was crumbling, she said. She’s a woman of color who works with at-risk young people.

My hometown went 76% for Trump. There are tons of decent-paying blue collar jobs there. It’s a prosperous, bustling little town. But the white male despair syndrome is happening there. My male schoolmates are dying, one by one by one. All this year. Not waking up. Dropping dead. Found under a dock. Overdose. We lost another one yesterday.

Las Vegas was earlier this week, this same week. It feels like last year. Yesterday I had to listen to a roomful of guys talk seriously about gun stocks. It’ll always be too soon to talk about political solutions, but I guess it’s never too early to talk about making some money. The meeting had already gone on too long at that point, and the room had already been feeling too small.

My sister wrote this today, after seeing the New Yorker cover: Black bullets silhouetted against red, with a name written in white on each bullet. They point every which way.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.38.45 PM

I feel the same way. I don’t know if she’ll delete the post soon. Since after all, a lot of her social media friends are from our aforementioned hometown.

I am doing ok. I have been busy with classes and work. I’ve become a person who makes decaf coffee in a real coffeemaker in the evenings now, and puts heavy cream in.

I’m busy enough that I’m missing the first few waves of takes, but I still secretly listen to the White House Press Briefings in my cubicle, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders deigns to grace the podium.

Here’s what the reporters asked her today:

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October 2, 2017… Day 256

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.35.29 AM

My white woman friend from high school put on her Facebook page today, after the shooting in Las Vegas, that it was time to take a hard look at toxic white masculinity and all the ways we give white men a pass and all the ways we white people need to take a hard, hard look at ourselves. She was pilloried in the comments by her friends and acquaintances who told her things like “we can’t have peace if we continue to generalize.” It was mostly white women leaping to white men’s defense.

Even after my friend came in and said, “I’m married to a white man, my father is a white man, I know that there are wonderful white men. I shouldn’t have to say ‘not all white men,'” a white man came on and said that he didn’t find it “flattering” to be lumped in with white men who do bad things and he could say a few things about “moody menstruating women” but he was holding his tongue. She told him that moody menstruating women don’t run the government and they don’t shoot into crowds and they didn’t come up with slavery.

She then sent me a message full of screen caps of texts from other people who wrote things to her privately like, “It’s breaking my heart to see how racist and full of hate you are” or “I’m just trying to stop you from destroying your children.”

I’m really proud of my friend. She texted the woman back, “I stand by my comments.”

This is what I wrote on Facebook this morning:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.19.34 PM

And I was thinking about that barbaric national religion when the Trumps and the Pences came out of the White House like wooden figures out of a cuckoo clock. They bowed their heads and folded their hands in front of themselves in one perfectly synchronized movement. Some bells bonged. They turned on their heels and silently walked back through the double doors which closed behind them.

It was creepy as fuck.

And so was Trump’s tweet this morning: “warmest condolences” was just a couple jots to the left of an auto-generated customer service message congratulating a person for purchasing a kitchen appliance.

I almost deleted my Facebook post this morning a few minutes after I put it up, because I’m friends with work people. I’m glad I left it in. They know where the unfollow button is.






October 1, 2017… Day 255

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 12.10.58 PM

The passage of time is shrinking the number of Trump supporters who we might have generously assumed were just thoughtless and infected by unexamined latent racism and were sort of incidentally ok with racism. None of that is great but it was what it was. As that pool shrinks, there’s a growing number of people that you now HAVE to consider real goddamn dyed-in-the-wool overt racist bastards. And it’s horrifying.

I just kept adding to this bulleted list over the course of my morning:

  • Woke up to video of masked Spanish police hurling regular-looking people down a stairwell for trying to vote in the Catalan referendum.
  • Trump went hard last night and this morning about how everyone must stand for the national anthem. Or what? We get thrown down a stairwell? Remember that guy who got sentenced to death because we he went back to fixing his bicycle too soon after some kind of official procession had passed in the road?
  • Hugh Hefner laid to rest next to Marilyn Monroe, which makes me want to vomit.
  • Trump’s tweets about Puerto Rico… see vomit, vomit, more vomit
  • CHIP went over a cliff — 9 million children losing health coverage
  • Trump’s tweets about North Korea — just, what the fuck, man.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.52.18 AM

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.09.14 AM

This is my weight since November 8. Every line represents a pound. The dotted blue line is a 30-day moving average. So you can see that at first I was so upset by the election that I could barely eat and my weight dropped. And then wow, boy, could I ever eat. Stress eat. Cheese and carbs like nobody’s business. And then around May, I was like, “Trump’s not going to be the reason I can’t fit into my favorite clothes and have achy knees.” So I stopped stress eating and now I am starting to normalize. The other thing I like about this chart is that you can track my menstrual cycle and midcycle pizza attacks from peak to peak. Bloating. It’s just data.

These are the questions that were asked at Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s latest press briefing, which was on Thursday (today is Sunday). Gary Cohn and Tom Bossert were there too.

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