September 11, 2017… Day 235

This day always gets me, even if I think it won’t.

I am still really out of the loop on politics, by my new standards. Found out this morning that my cousin did ok in Plant City, Florida over night. The hurricane had weakened enough by that point. Listened to some political podcasts at work, and the talk of Jared, Don Jr., and Russia just swirled into background noise. When you step out of the flow of the news cycle for a few days it’s like double-dutch, a little hard to get back in. I didn’t even look at the Gallup approval ratings. Mostly I noticed headlines for op-eds bashing Hillary for writing a book.

I had so much more to say about the Girl Scouts (for grown-ups) weekend, and the thoughts it gave me about the cultural programming that girls get. It’s not all good, but the good parts are just amazing. I’m grateful for the warmth, openness, intimate platonic friendships, empathy, sensitivity, and concern for others.

However, I still do have to stomp around and forget people’s birthdays and refuse to unload the dishwasher, in order to avoid being The Office Mom.

Today we had to do a workshop called “Effective Candor” on how to give and receive criticism, and my friend was laughing into his sleeve at me all through it. We were supposed to confront a fictional character named “Jess” about how his bad attitude was really dragging morale down for the whole team. And I was just like, “Well maybe Jess is right. I mean, maybe it IS a dumb project. Jess has got a lot going on right now. People should just get off his back and deal with their own shit.”

Apparently it was a little too obvious that I AM JESS.

I wasn’t that excited about Hillary Clinton’s book until people kept telling her she shouldn’t publish it. It’s just like how I saw her with new eyes after she was flinty during the Benghazi hearings.

Katy Tur’s book comes out tomorrow too.


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