September 4, 2017… Day 228

  • Smoke, ash and fires all up and down the Western U.S.
  • Heatwaves from San Francisco to Portland
  • Irma headed for the Caribbean and Florida
  • Death count still rising in the Houston area
  • DACA hangs in the balance
  • Rhetoric re: North Korea ratchets up further
  • Ill-advised trade war bluster from President
  • Betsy DeVos has an upcoming announcement on Title IX

I’m in the smoke, ash, and worried about my neighbors because I have basic humanity quadrant of our country right now.

This morning, my boyfriend and I went to pick up breakfast burritos at a taqueria in his town in Oregon. I flipped through a thin little free weekly paper while we waited. The paper included a stinging editorial against Trump and a feature article that went on at length about an important Bigleaf maple that had an important 12-inch diameter root cut by construction even though it was supposed to be protected from events like that.

On the walk home, I said “Is this town more liberal than I thought or was it just that paper?”

My boyfriend squeezed my hand and did a head nod to his left. I looked. We were walking past a house with a big HILLARY FOR PRISON sign propped against the outer wall. Tall, hand-painted white letters on plywood, a bit weathered now. Above the sign, a window was covered with a White Pride flag. “So, just the paper” I said.

I’m glad I got to spend time with him this weekend, for the goodness he brings when things feel grim. I almost said “the grimmest times” but I didn’t want to assume that’s what these are.

In other news, my sister put this offhand, abbreviated theater review in a Facebook comment this morning: “The show flirted briefly with having a heart and/or soul during the second act, but ultimately kept skating on spoof.” 

Sounds like the Republican party’s relationship to immigration reform and/or Trump’s entire administration so far. SKATING ON SPOOF.

Whenever I have nightmares about Donald Trump, it’s always Alec Baldwin as Trump instead of the real deal, as if my nightmares are trying to go easy on me.

But one of the creepiest Trump administration dream I’ve had yet was just Mike Pence (the real Mike Pence) on multiple TV screens in my bedroom, his eyes just following me around the room as I did my mundane tasks to get ready for the workday.



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