June 17, 2017… Day 149

Now Trump’s personal legal people are saying that Trump is NOT under investigation, even though Trump tweeted that himself Friday morning. That was apparently NOT an acknowledgment of being under investigation. Good luck with this one, guys!

I’m going on a weeklong trip to Montana. It’s a road trip. It doesn’t have a lot of structure. I’m going with my boyfriend. It’s our first vacation together. It’s a relationship experiment. I told my coworkers that if I show up at work on Wednesday with a tear-stained face and puffy eyes, just pretend like it’s normal. I’m just kidding. It’ll be fine. I’m just a relationship and vacation pessimist!!

I will backfill some TOWOIT with musings from my red state road trip, but I am leaving my computer at home and attempting to spend time away from the internet. I had to go to the doctor this morning because I thought a spider was living in my ear, but actually it was the neck muscle that attaches to my skull behind my ear, combined with hypochondria and an active imagination — but turns out I have a real neck thing and it’s from computer monitors and sitting at desks and being both tense and schlumpy at the same time.

Au revoir!!


One thought on “TOWOIT #152

  1. What an unexpected choice for a trip — may the wind be ever with you! Sounds great in spite of you, Eeyore. Lol just kidding. You sparkle on the open road, I’m certain. 🙂

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