April 26, 2017… Day 96

“In Trump-adjusted terms, I’m doing fine”

–Ana Marie Cox

Just another day on the internet





OK, so Jon Lovett had Hari Kondabolu on his silly but serious podcast, Lovett or Leave it, and it went pretty well (by purely Lil-centric metrics). When Kondabolu did criticize Clinton and the Democrats, he did it in terms of messaging, communication, the ability to tell a story, the ability to connect, perception problems, and ineffectiveness. That’s all stuff, *I*  criticize them (us) for too. So I might actually get around to listening to Politically Reactive after all. I mean, I know Kondabolu was on his best behavior because he was on Clinton-supporting Lovett’s pod-turf. Maybe if I got over to his own podcast it would just be Bernie-a-go-go.

Now listen, this “Saint Hillary” mumbo jumbo is ridiculous. No one worships her. Everyone’s pretty on the level with her strengths and weaknesses. Most of us haven’t wanted to keep thinking about her. God, I’d rather just move on. There’s just this giant cloud of misogynistic bullshit floating around her, this swarm of bros following her and Chelsea around being loathsome. It’s that miasma that we can’t stop staring at, because it’s like the embodiment of all this sexist bullshit we deal with every day. And then they try to erase people who supported Clinton and not Sanders.

I told you that Trump being president gives us no patience left for this sexist air we breathe everyday. It’s everywhere, all the time, all our lives, so we’re mostly pretty used to it. We didn’t always fully know it was there. But now we do. And yeah, we’re mad.

And people think they’re not sexist — either because they are men or because they are women who don’t see their internalized misogyny. They live in strange bubbles where they believe they are wonderful leftists and a rising tide lifts all boats, and they never fell for any lies or acted like schmucks or smeared women for things they wouldn’t smear men for. Heck no!

Anyway, one whiff of that these days and some of us just want to barf. And by the way, my own internalized misogyny is the effing worst. The difference is, I can see it. I know it’s there.

I didn’t mean to write all that stuff. I’m sort of remorseful, so I put it all after the jump. The White House Press Briefing was very lively and juicy today, and that was supposed to be the main dish. There was lots to dig into there. But now I have to go to bed. So we’ll goof on Sean Spicer tomorrow.

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