April 22, 2017… Day 93

Science March in Seattle

  • Got a late start, was still waiting for the bus as the rally was supposed to be starting.
  • My dad sent me a photo of very sparse crowd, said it was “small but friendly” — CRAP, I thought.
  • My companion and I talk about how, in our separate public schools, we were either not taught evolution at all or were taught creationism and evolution side by side in science class. My seventh grade science teacher called evolution “a pile of crap.”
  • My dad texts me again that a power line fell across I-5 and the whole freeway was shut down, so that was why people weren’t showing up yet. Everything delayed.
  • It’s a little rainy.
  • Our bus is full of  marchers, we go from the bus to a train full of marchers. Lots of signs. Lots of nerds. One man says proudly to a couple with a “got polio?” sign, “I was born the year the vaccine became available.” I whisper to my boyfriend, “That was so nerdy.” He whispers back, “He’s probably been waiting his whole life to brag about that to strangers, and this was the perfect opportunity. Be nice.”
  • This is a very quiet, woolly, practically dressed crowd.
  • Streams of people from the train to Cal Anderson park. The crowd has gotten huge. Lots of kids. Parents touting IVF making their parenthood possible. It’s a very catch-all day.
  • Over the sound system, someone is saying, “Facts matter. The earth is ROUND. Climate change is not a hoax.” It is really depressing.
  • Someone else tells a “hopeful” story about these amazing 14-year old kids learning robotics and how he asked them if they would rather build a rocket ship that goes to Mars or build technology that will combat global warming. He reports that the three boys said they would build the ship that goes to Mars, but the girl said she’d rather help with climate change, because if we can’t fix things on this planet, we don’t deserve to go to another planet. I don’t think this is a very hopeful story, given my current rage at the patriarchy and all the studies of girls and women falling out of STEM fields.
  • We find my dad. He has already run into my former future stepbrother, who is ensconced in a group of Satanists who are wearing black and red. We do a lap trying to find him again so I can say hi. I’m so busy looking for Satanists that I miss a lot of fun science cosplay that my boyfriend reports to me later.
  • The socialists are here…. Not the Democratic Socialists but the actual socialists…
  • The Cascadia flags are here.
  • We eventually find the Satanists up at the front of what will be the march, in a holding pattern by the Cascadia flags and the guy singing and playing Woody Guthrie songs. It’s hard to know what to say to Satanists other than “Uh, keep up the interesting religious freedom lawsuits, guys.”
  • My dad’s back is hurting from standing around on pavement, so we go look for a cup of coffee and some chairs. We never actually make it back to the march.
  • It feels good to walk back up through the University of Washington campus afterward. Middle-school-aged kids firing off rockets they made out of soda bottles, cardboard and duct tape. A little ways further up campus there’s a bride under some cherry trees getting pictures even though it’s still rainy.
  • That was the March for Science. On the way home we went to Itadakimasu and got Moscow mules, which they serve in pint glasses, and teriyaki chicken.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


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