5 thoughts on “TOWOIT #94

  1. I am so distressed by Sarah Palin’s wardrobe! And I don’t make a habit of noticing or caring about anyone’s clothing, because I’m Alaskan and we’re just content to be functionally dressed. Anyway, sorry for the superficial nonsense in response to your foreboding & reflective smattering there. She’s no longer a serious person. The other two, I dunno? Celebrity Whitehouse 2.0. Bah. We all deserve better.

    1. Well, I wasn’t trying to be too serious. Clothing reflections are nearly always fair game with me, even though I know it’s not feminist. (Oh man, I just saw that Arkansas carried out the execution.)

      1. Executions are barbaric. (Sorry, carried away by wardrobe antagonism again.) Even exonerations notwithstanding, it’s just a horrific violation of human rights. May God deliver mercy to us all, one day. The modern USA has much to answer for.

  2. Yes! Look at Ted Koppel ~ appearance should be irrelevant but will that ever, ever be a reality for the decorative sex? We attended a viewing of Screenagers (have you heard of this? Documentary by a Seattle pediatrician & her own family’s travels with media consumption… mixed in with several other families’ experiences across the country. Fascinating, Lilith Ann! Anyway. The whole thing was about our fleeting diversions and how they really don’t fulfill, passive addictions, etc. and I kept remarking to my family about the eyeglasses and accessories that I wanted to buy, worn by the interview subjects. I might be hopeless. And her clothing is objectively attractive & totally fine on me or you, I just can’t help but flash to our mini-Nancy Reagan governor of long ago. Innocence. Their posing with HRC portrait *in her former home* was reminscient of cyber hazing by cool jocks to the nerd.

    1. I read a great article in Wait But Why (googleable I’m sure) about the unearned leisure time we spend procrastinating, and how unfulfilling it is. He called it “the dark playground” — I spend a lot of time there!! Playing web boggle and reading twitter!

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