April 15, 2017… Day 86

I missed Tax Day marches because my sister and I have been cooking up plans to see Hamilton for a long time, and the day finally arrived. We took the train into San Francisco from Mountain View and I looked for signs of protesters coming into the city. I only saw Giants fans. On the way back out of the city, I only saw one sign–“Babes Against Bullshit.”


Erdogan declares victory in referendum expanding his presidential powers.

Before the play, my sister and I talked about our Hamilton fever had peaked months earlier. We were still REALLY excited to see it, but we hadn’t been listening to the songs for a long time. We realized that after the election, it wasn’t what we wanted to hear. We laughed about how we’d found more solace and inspiration from Moana– it was fantasy, it was female-centered, it was aimed at children and featured things like hope, bravery, goodness and adventure. It was definitely not about American politics.

We adored the play, cried our eyes out, laughed, loved the touring cast, will probably both be listening to the songs a lot again now. But somewhere in all our musings and rhapsodizings and reliving of moments on the long train ride home, I said “It’s kind of a play about how men are idiots.” And my sister said, “Yeah, a country founded and run by idiots.” And I said, “How could Eliza forgive him except by deciding he had been an idiot?” And I thought, How can anything even function if women don’t keep swallowing their rage and finding ways to forgive men every day.

This is why we won’t put up with as much daily bullshit as we used to. We’re getting maxed out too early and too often these days.



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