April 6, 2017… Day 77

Devin Nunes steps down from the Russian investigation. A week ago he said he couldn’t think of anyone better to lead the investigation than him.

The Republicans changed the Senate rule so that now a Supreme Court nominee can be confirmed with a simple majority.

According to the Daily Beast, Steve Bannon called Jared Kushner a cuck behind his back. So there’s that.

Washington Post headline: “The government is demanding to know who this Trump critic is. Twitter is suing to keep it a secret.”

The Susan Rice story is everywhere, and no amount of nuance by mainstream news outlets can stop them from helping the main obfuscating lie from spreading through people’s minds. Black woman did something wrong.

Fake news and how it starts. There are conspiracy theories about the shooting of Trinh Huynh in Atlanta. On Reddit, on blogs, and on a Russian language website. There is an alternative reality where ISIS took out the freeway bridge that burned, and Trinh knew too much about it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.39.33 PM

Now that The Intercept has weighed in as well, can we finally stop acting so pathetic and conciliatory toward Trump voters? 

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.57.21 PM




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