March 18, 2017… Day 58

I’m a little low on awareness of new news, which might be good for me. I’m sure Trump tweeted something humiliating and dangerous. I’ve been busy talking to people face to face in real life, instead of just being a captain of the inter webs like usual.

Last night I had a late, long, rainy-night dinner with an old friend who was passing through town. She was on her way back to Alaska after a weeklong training in Chicago for rural responders to sexual assault and domestic violence. She said the attendees were told they needed to incorporate anti-racism into everything they do  in their work. It needed to be worked into all their community interactions. There was a lot of talk of white supremacy and how it works its way into all other societal ills. My friend said the women there were *really* rural. There were white women from Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee. A lot of them weren’t onboard with the premise that there is white privilege or institutional racism. The people leading the workshop worked with them, and then also worked with everyone else about how to meet people where they are. I felt pretty impressed and hopeful that those women *might* go back to their communities softened up to some new ideas about race and white supremacy. It seems like a start.

I asked my friend if she was worried that the funding to her organization would be cut–her job relies on federal grant money. She said yes, they’ve been worried about it since the election. They’d previously planned some travel and training spaced out over three years. But now they are front-loading as much training as possible, because even if the plug gets pulled later, at least they will have had that training.

I took two buses home late last night, after our dinner. Then this morning, I rolled out of bed and took two buses to an all-day anti-racism workshop. The workshop focused on how race and class are intertwined, and we can’t talk about one without the other. It was really good, really thought-provoking. During the workshop I kept thinking stuff like, “This isn’t so bad,” and “I’m really getting through this with no major difficulties!” Because I expected to be SO uncomfortable. But then on the bus ride home, my energy levels took a nose dive. I have to let some of those conversations from today breathe, and then I’ll be ready to write about them soon.I will say though, that 19 of the 22 people in the workshop were women. Shout out to women, doing that heavy lifting and emotional labor.

Ok, can’t resist. One end-times tweet-cap:



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