March 4, 2017… Day 44

Unhinged tweets early this morning from Trump. He says Obama wire-tapped his phone before the election. He also says mean stuff about Arnold Schwarzenegger as a TV personality.


I don’t even know what to make of all this anymore, but the day ended with an even more unhinged Roger Stone, admitting in a fit of pique that he had contact with Julian Assange. He quickly deleted the tweet. Roger Stone is an advisor of Donald Trump’s.


There were small pro-Trump protests around the country today. The Willamette Weekly reported on one in Lake Oswego (near Portland). There was a woman with a sign thanking Russia unironically, a man threw a sieg heil salute, and someone said to counter protesters, “You’re all n—–s and Jews!”

A Sikh man in Kent, WA was shot in his own driveway. The shooter yelled at him to get out of the country before shooting him.

I went to a Black Lives Matter protest that was allegedly co-opted by a “Block the Bunker” protest. Block the Bunker is the group protesting the new youth jail. There’s plenty of overlap between their interests and Black Lives Matter interests. Block the Bunker works closely with Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist city council member. But they aren’t a black group. People started to flood out quickly from the rally point at Seattle Central Community College. Someone with the microphone said that the people leading the group out of the rally and into the march were not the leaders, it was a different group. They said, “They’re just trying to cause more trouble.” Then, confusingly, there were three ragtag white kids up there talking into megaphones, one after the other. One of them said, “We have to keep organizing, even if we have different factions.”

The Black Lives Matter guy said he was shoved aside in a physical altercation as Block the Bunker took over all their stuff and physically wrested the march away from them.

Tweeted photos from the sit-in at the end of the march show mostly white faces in the first rows of the ring of participants. A lot of the people in the center of the circle, holding the floor, were people of color, but almost none of them black. Someone tweeted, “We have to sit at the back of our own protests. Seattle is still racist.”

It already felt awkward to have so many white people there — most of whom came because they were specifically urged to come in searing “where have you been? We expect you to report to BLM in future” think pieces. So these earnest white people did show up in droves, which probably made black people feel even more co-opted when the march was co-opted by Block the Bunker.

Afterward, talked to a woman in a drink gathering in an Emerald City Comic Con hotel room, about how the adults in her family were amnestied by Reagan in the 1980s and what a difference it made in her life. They finally stopped moving around so much, her father and step-father were able to get better jobs than picking fruit and vegetables in the field. She had some stability for her middle school and high school years, and a little bit more of a normal American working class income–even though they were still poor. Now she is a researcher on diseases like cystic fibrosis, and she also runs a bike shop with her husband. She is a huge contributor to society in a lot of ways.

Comic book writers and artists coming down from Vancouver for ECCC told tales of the U.S. border. They had deleted Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps from their phones and deleted text conversations and photos. But still, one guy was told to sign into his Tinder account so that the officer could peruse his conversations there. I wouldn’t be surprised if people just stop coming to this country at all.

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