March 2, 2017… Day 42

KUOW: A black Muslim teen is found hanging in some woods near Seattle.

Elsewhere: A 22-year old woman who was brought here from Argentina when she was 7 was arrested right after a press conference. She spoke at the press conference about her father and brother who have been detained since mid-February. She was arrested right afterward by ICE. I believe ICE employs people who relish throwing their weight around and hurting other people.


Session recuses himself from the investigation of Trump campaign ties to Russia. The White House discloses that Kushner and Flynn met with the Russian ambassador at the Trump tower in December.

Basically it was a hell of a day for all these zany white guys on C-Span:


Two of my co-workers take their kids to play basketball at a Jewish Community Center that recently had a bomb threat. One of them thinks Trump’s speech was pretty good and he has some good points when it comes to the economy. The other one stood out in October by saying firmly during an equivocating semi-Trumpy comfy white guy convo, “Trump disqualified himself months ago because of his racism.”



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