February 26, 2017…Day 38

Dozens of headstones broken in Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. Within hours, Muslims were there helping again.

Last night at a Dana Gould stand-up show in Portland, OR. Dana Gould made a joke that Donald Trump is to the Presidency as Charles Manson is to murder. Someone in the audience threw a pint glass at him, but it landed wide. HIs response was to glance at the glass where it had landed and then say to the audience, “I have two words for you: Well Said.”

This was in the NYT, citing “SAO” which I believe stands for senior administration officials. 
A day in the life of Spicey
More bad shit
I am sorry we somehow arrived here, teenage girl named H. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s tweets are somewhat escalating, but also somewhat same ol’ same ol.



The tone of the comments are changing, though. There are more likes on the flat-out critical posts, and there are many many more posts that sound like, “I am really rooting for you, I really want you to succeed — but I am just trying to give you some advice here that will help you.” Also, the marijuana thing is seriously upsetting to people. There are also more comments from supporters that are along the lines of, “We know you’re not guilty of anything, so why not just release your taxes and be investigated?”



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