February 19, 2017… Day 31


This morning on Fox & Friends, Chris Wallace said Trump crossed a line when he called the mainstream media “an enemy of the people.” On his own show, Wallace said to Reince Priebus “You can’t tell the media what to do.”

Also on Fox (from Munich), McCain “defended the free press” and said that the way Trump is talking is “how dictatorships get started.” Chris Wallace backed him up on that statement too.

Lindsay Graham (also in Munich) said he was troubled by the fact that Trump wouldn’t acknowledge the Russian election meddling head on.

Twitter chased its tail round and round with jokes about Sweden… since Trump dropped “what happened in Sweden last night” into his Florida rally speech — and no one in Sweden knew what he was talking about.

People packed into Fisher Pavilion at the Seattle Center for a community program that both commemorated Japanese internment, and tied it to the problems we are facing today–particularly Islamophobia.

In Times Square, in NYC, people showed up for a rally Russell Simmons put on called “We are all Muslim.” Chelsea Clinton tweeted pics from the rally, saying it was her daughter Charlotte’s first.

Cutting through UW campus to get to light rail, I saw streams of Muslim families — men, women, young children — coming from an unknown building at the center of the campus. As I walked the path everyone coming the other direction was Muslims from a lot of different ethnicities and a lot of different styles of dress. There were family groups and people who seemed to have just met each other and were hitting it off. Everyone was smiling and talking with their hands  and laughing–it looked like a group that had just enjoyed a really good hit of community and empowerment. They were giving off this energy of strength and hope. Maybe it was some routine Sunday afternoon event, totally unrelated to #TheResistance (mildly ironic hashtag usage). But whatever it is, it felt good to be crossing its flow of traffic.

In the vestibule of one of the libraries, there was a simple display of informational posters–Poles who risked their lives to save Jews during WWII.


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