February 17, 2017… Day 29

AP reports on leaked DHS memo from January that floated the idea that 100,000 National Guard troops would be used to round up immigrants for deportation.

Later in the day, Business Insider published this:


A rambling and peculiar profile of Mark Sanford in Politico. He’s a sitting Republican lawmaker who says he can come out against Trump because he’s already died politically and come back to life.

New York Times editorial board writes piece titled Bring on the Special Prosecutor.

New York Times piece from yesterday, saying a top aide of Ben Carson at HUD was escorted out by security because he had written something critical of Trump back in October.

CBS reports that not a single State Dept. official was in on meetings between Trump and Netanyahu — Jared Kushner the shadow Secretary of State.

Yesterday, Shep Smith spoke out on Fox News about Trump’s crazy press conference. He stood up for Jim Acosta at CNN. So naturally, today this:


Fox News viewers are calling for his head.

Mitch McConnell gave a press conference today. When a reporter asked if he believed Trump’s statement that no one from his campaign talked to Russia prior to the election, McConnell said “I have no idea.” When a reporter asked if McConnell thought the press conference yesterday hurt or helped Trump’s credibility to lead, McConnell said “I don’t have any observations about that.” What McConnell did say was “I’m not a fan of daily tweets.” But, he said, he was a big fan of Trump’s agenda.

Ina rare display of activism, EPA employees reached out to their Senators and begged them not to confirm Scott Pruitt as head of EPA. 3000 pages of communications between Pruitt (as Oklahoma Attorney General) and the oil & gas industry is due out on Tuesday–after a judge ordered Pruitt to release them. He had with-held them for 3 years.

What strange times we live in that I haven’t been able to get around to being upset about this development.

At the University of Washington, Nazi-recruitment posters appeared:


This is lonely. John McCain in Munich:


This is lonely. Second DREAMer has been detained by ICE:


This is lonely. A woman and her baby walk through the snow  to be arrested by Canadian police:


Fox News, supposedly NOT fake news, puts out poll numbers that Trump won’t like:


And the Guardian trolls him for his “media accountability” survey.


And here is today’s most amazing and nauseating thing– Trump declares the media “the enemy of the people.”


“But the language he deployed on Friday is more typically used by presidents to refer to hostile foreign governments or terrorist organizations”
These people are not my enemy


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