February 11, 2017… Day 23

Caveat watch: in the comments of Trump’s FB post (just a Twitter cross post as usual) this morning:


The Guardian headline: “Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police”

A woman gets 8 years in jail for voting illegally in two elections in Texas.

Something new in my neighborhood this morning.

Hopeful non-legislated culture shift: Yale renames Calhoun College after female pioneering computer science Grace Murray Hopper. Calhoun was a white supremacist. There have been protests at Yale about this for awhile. I file this with the Boy Scouts deciding to accept transgender boys: it’s a sign that the underlying culture is still grinding forward. In another example, the NFL is warning Texas to watch its step on its own transgender discrimination legislation (seen on

I heard Shia LaBeouf’s lifestreaming resistance installation was taken down within the last day or so, but I had not realized that it had become a gathering place for white supremacists, or that they saw milk as a symbol of white supremacism… chugging milk as an act of exhibition.

Bernie Sanders signal boosts Chris Vance, former chair of the Washington Republican Party—Vance wrote a piece in the Huffington Post called “I’m a Proud Republican, And I’m Joining the Resistance” One quote from the article—“on issue after issue, Donald Trump is governing as Donald Trump.”

Tens of thousands march in Raleigh, North Carolina for the #MoralMarch—marching for voting rights, democracy, and moral resistance to Trumpism. On Twitter, one person called it a “moral fusion coalition.”

Black Lives Matter is marching in Atlanta for DeAundre Phillips.

Elsewhere around the country, Planned Parenthood counter protesters are marching in the thousands—today is a day of anti-choice protesting outside clinics. The organization asked that supportive counter-protesters not demonstrate at clinics as well, since it would just add to the hubbub as the clinic tries to provide its services to people. So counter protests happening elsewhere.

In Seattle an LGBTQ solidarity rally marched to join up with a Planned Parenthood counter-protest. Moral fusion coalition.

Seattle FB post from Feb. 11, 2017

Sears & Kmart drop 31 Trump Home Items from their online shops (Reuters). Five minutes after a Korean ballistic missile test, Trump tweets about how wonderful Ivanka is for holding her head high after receiving so much “abuse” from the media. CNN’s Jake Tapper retweets to ask “What abuse?” 

Washington Post reporter Robert Acosta says Trump has been well aware of Flynn story for days, according to people close to him. (Remember, yesterday he feigned total ignorance 16 hours after the Washington Post story broke.)

NY Times headline refers to Trump making a “misleading allusion” regarding refugees coming in—RuPaul retweets it and asks “Why doesn’t the New York Times just say it’s a lie?”




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