the only way out is through #23

February 8, 2017… Day 20

These guys aren’t counting the inauguration as Day 1. Either that or I’m just off a day already.

Radio alarm: Elizabeth Warren, Coretta Scott King, Seattle divests from Wells Fargo, and Starbucks offers its employees free legal aid if they have run afoul of Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Appalling morning tweet: 45 bashes Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s business, and then retweets it on the POTUS account. But in the supportive comments on the FB version of the tweet, more signs of cracks:

Reminders to drain the swamp

CBS has a daily feature now that also rounds things into a digest. It seems to be the most stabilizing way to deal with our new reality.


Almost as soon as they came out of his mouth, Mitch McConnell’s words about Elizabeth Warren have been commandeered for the feminist resistance:

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Neil Gorsuch’s comments that 45’s comments about the judiciary were “demoralizing” and “disheartening.” According to Blumenthal anyway. Blumenthal (a Democrat) said over all, he was disappointed with the meeting.

Now 45 says he wanted to wait a month before the rollout of his immigration order, but law enforcement officials said no. I’m working on not saying his name, but I’m not sure a number is any better. I’ll never look at fours, fives, or even nines the same again.

The Congressional Black Caucus went to the Senate floor to protest the Jeff Sessions vote

Ted Cruz said the Democrats were the party of the KKK. Later the same day, David Duke crowed about Jeff Sessions’s confirmation on Twitter.

McCain and Graham (best friends forever) introduce bill to limit Trump’s power regarding Russian sanctions.

Ted Lieu introduces a bill that would require the White House to hire a psychiatrist for 45– this is a weird one, and I know people with mental illnesses are probably upset about it.

Snippets overheard from private Republican-on-Republican convo: “…stupid tweets about Nordstrom… zero self-restraint… I’m disappointed… they should have been able to strike while the iron is hot on the tax thing… just seem to be floundering

New York Daily News headline: Trump launched Yemen raid after being told Obama wouldn’t have.

White House Press Briefing Without Sean Spicer

  • “Will Cincinnati face economic or other sanctions?”
  • “Who is paying for Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Mar-A-Lago?”
  • “During the hearing yesterday there was some discussion on whether there needed to be a tweak to the executive order to make it clear that legal permanent residents would not be included…will there be a tweak?”
  • “Sean, you said you’re not talking about the merits of the order. Was the President talking about the merits of the order this morning when he called it ‘disgraceful’?”
  • “He called it disgraceful–is that the type of language that–[inaudible]”
  • “Isn’t that insulting an appointee?” (not answered)
  • “I was curious about this tweet from President Trump about his daughter’s brand, and then it was retweeted by the POTUS account. What’s the standard that the president’s doing in regards to his family’s businesses?”
  • “In Texas there is a big push to penalize sanctuary cities… there is a growing concern among undocumented immigrants whose lives are deeply rooted in this country. Is this administration ready to tackle comprehensive immigration reform? If so, can you give us a timeline? If not, what is the plan long-term?”
  • “Nordstrom has come out this was not a political decision, it was a business decision. Ivanka said she separated herself from her business. So how is she a target?” (Sean Spicer: This is a direct attack on his policies)
  • “The timing of that tweet? It looked like it was during his presidential daily briefing?”
  • “He said today that if he does not prevail in court, that we will never be safe. What does that mean? Does that mean this is the only tool in his tool box and if this EO gets batted down, we’re toast?”
  • “The President said this morning that he paid very close attention to the arguments made before the 9th circuit court last night. Was the President happy with DOJ attorney August Flentje–there were some concerns from supporters of the EO that he wasn’t strong enough, that he seemed to be searching for answers…?”
  • “So he was happy with the presentation?”
  • “We have reported that Russia has sent its biggest shipment of missiles ever to Syria–just wondering what the reaction is?”
  • “Is it accurate that the administration is weighing measuring the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and would they do the same for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?”
  • “The President also said in the last two weeks he’s learned a lot and that terrorism is a far greater threat than people understand. That sounds like he’s telling the American public that there is something to fear. Is there a specific threat that he is talking about, and should the American public be fearful?”
  • “But is the threat today greater than it was yesterday or last week?”
  • “What was the White House response to the Republican proposal for a carbon tax floated today. And second, could you just set up the meeting with the airline CEOs a little bit, what do you hope to get out of it?”
  • “Are you concerned about the fact that he did have this meeting about the carbon tax?”
  • “I have two questions related to coal… if the EO last week was a first step, what specifically is the president willing to do to make good on that promise to bring back coal? What assurances can the president give those who are very worried about the impact on the environment?”
  • “Yemen has withdrawn permission for the U.S. to run special operations in the wake of the recent raid there that claimed so many civilian lives. Does that not undercut the administration’s ability to fight terrorism in that region and do you stand by your assessment that it’s a success?”
  • “Even Senator John McCain said that–“
  • “Are you saying that Senator John McCain–“
  • “Is that your message to Senator John McCain? He called it a failure”
  • “This morning President Trump asked local law officials to help with deportations. If he doesn’t get the cooperation he’s looking for, does he plan to have DHS and CBP begin deportations of undocumented criminals in the border zone?”
  • “Is defunding his only tool to get cooperation from the sanctuary cities?”
  • “Yesterday on CNN, Kellyann Conway announced that Prime Minister Trudeau will be here next week, can you confirm what day? And can you confirm that Sarah Palin is being considered for ambassador to Canada?”
  • “Just on NATO–the president has been calling on companies to pay their fair share of dues. What are his option if countries don’t listen to him?”
  • “Does the White House have a reaction to reports that Yemen has revoked permission to run ground operations?”
  • “On Turkey, President Erdogan said the U.S. agreed to work with Turkey to take (?) do you have any comments…
  • “Last night, Boston mayor Walsh went on a television show to talk about sanctuary cities–what does the president make of his vow to house immigrants in Boston City Hall to shield them from the Trump administration?”
  • “Earlier today the President said the wall is in the process of being designed? Does he plan to be actively be involved in the design? And separately, last night on the Senate floor Elizabeth Warren was silenced –any reaction from the White House on whether you believe Mitch McConnell did the right thing?”
  • “…and Senator Warren last night?”
  • “I just wanted to follow up again on Yemen. It seems like the report is that the Yemeni government has asked the U.S. to stop doing ground operations–is that the request you received?”
  • “Can I just ask in this morning’s tweet– the other part is that the president said there’s been a big increase to the U.S. from certain areas — can you say what certain areas he’s referring to and what data he’s using…”
  • “Turkey–didi the president dispatch the CIA director to Turkey as Turkish reports are saying–“
  • “Ok, the rest of that question was whether there was discussion of extraditing <inaudible> who Turkey views as a terrorist–“
  • “The second question is on your statement ‘We don’t know when the next lone wolf is coming’ I believe based on numbers that the vast majority of lone wolf attacks in this country are carried out by  people who are American, American-born or naturalized citizens, so what specifically are you doing about people who are radicalized–“
  • “But um, people who are lone wolves and radicalized here–“
  • “But that’s not what I’m asking”
  • “No, what is being done who are being radicalized in the basement, in front of the computer screen, who are not affected by this ban?”
  • “So something is being done on that front that we haven’t heard about?”
  • “Um, a bipartisan group of senators is introducing legislation–and I  know you don’t like to talk about legislation–that would allow the Senate to sign off on changes to sanctions–Would the president support such a check by Congress?”
  • “The president said this morning in his address to law enforcement officials that he would have a zero tolerance approach to attacks on law enforcement officials. What does that mean? More death penalty cases on the federal level? What does he mean?”
  • “Journalist Matt Drudge tweeted today that the Republican party should be sued for fraud, basically upset about the lack of legislation to repeal Obamacare or any tax cut legislation–what would you say to people who are worried about the big push in the beginning, who might be concerned that that momentum is stalling?”
  • “I have a series of questions. Going back to the question of policing. What happens when there is a situation like we’ve seen over the last few years, what happens when there’s bad policing?”
  • “So it’s not an either/or?”
  • “All right the next question — make it three, make it three more–It’s Black History Month, just let me go — so on the issue of last night with Elizabeth Warren. Coretta Scott King. Her words. I want to get your reaction to these words that were not allowed. ‘Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge.’ What do you say to that?”
  • “Diversity here. The administration’s diversity issues — you’ve been slammed on that. I understand there’s been a meeting–if you can elaborate that. And also there’s been a lot of groundswell with this HBCU executive order–what’s going on with that?”
  • “You mentioned the one in, two our order — there was a lawsuit filed this morning in federal suit–is the White House aware of that and what is the reaction?”

April Ryan when Sean Spicer was answering someone else’s question about standing up for  law enforcement officers and making sure they feel safe in communities:


And then she asked him the bunch of questions near the end about good policing vs. bad policing, Coretta Scott King, diversity, and a rumored executive order on historically black colleges and universities.

This is why I’ve become addicted to c-span, pretty much:


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