the only way out is through #21

February 6, 2017…. Day 18

Today was the day of the “Negative polls are fake news” tweet. Which was followed by the “I call the shots and everybody knows it” tweet.

97 tech companies filed amicus briefs against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

How Donald Trump started out his address to the service members at MacDill Air Force Base: “We had a wonderful election, didn’t we? And I saw those numbers—you like me, and I like you.” Then he said the press is not covering terrorist attacks, and suggested that he and the military personnel in the audience both knew why the press did that.

Democrats doing 24 hour debate against Betsy DeVos’s nomination. They are holding the floor, all night. They would just need one Republican to join Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and the nomination would be defeated. Early on in the day, Chuck Schumer branched off from the DeVos nomination to Trump’s comments defending Putin, even after he acknowledged that Putin is “a killer.” Schumer said to Republicans, “Come on! Where are you!? You know that if a Democrat said it, you’d be howling at the moon!”

Harry Potter watch: Bill Sienkewicz’s portrait of Steve Bannon as Wormtongue.


Also Harry Potter: Patriot  player Martellus Bennett, who isn’t going to the White House with the rest of his team, made this tweet some weeks ago: “So Kanye didn’t take time to vote. And now he holding on to Trump coattail like Peter Pettigrew to Lord Voldemort. Kanye Pettigrew.”However, Kanye was also said to have quietly deleted his pro-Trump tweets as a result of the Muslim travel ban.

According to one UK newspaper, the Independent, Donald Trump will *not* be invited to speak to Parliament.

At 4:20 pm, I saw a tweet that $3.5 million had been raised for the campaign of Pat Toomey’s next opponent if he votes yes on Betsy DeVos.

Sean Spicer got this question at the press gaggle on Air Force One: “So he thinks these terrorist attacks are under-reported to make him look bad?”

Sean Spicer garblement: Today he says “Men and William” instead of “Men and Women” — this is classic Sean Spicer.

NY Times headline: Rabbis Arrested for Protesting Muslim Ban.

Business Insider headline: Democrats Troll Trump with Google Chrome extension that replaces “Trump” with “Bannon”

I can’t remember now what Maxine & Nancy did this morning. Every day feels like ten days.

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