the only way out is through #20

February 5, 2017… Day 17.   638 days until the midterm elections.

Radio alarm: Neil Gorsuch drives a convertible, has a barn cat and is a great guy. Hold on travel ban holds overnight despite Trump administration appeal.

this should include Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer

Tidings of ban still on hold and clips of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL combine to send waves of warmth and hope across the waking Sunday world. This contrasts with the icy chill of Trump defending Putin on FOX and slandering the U.S. as morally equivalent. As a kid I once swam in a big pool that was fed by both a glacier and natural hot springs. It was like this.

CNN headline: Police are investigating a flurry of swastika vandalism in three major U.S. cities. It’s not just major cities: Facebook friend posts pictures of white supremacist graffiti that went up in Eugene, Oregon overnight.

LA Times headline: Not just ‘bad hombres’: Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation

New York Times front page a year ago. Notice the Republicans wooing centrist women.


The game to watch now is which Republican lawmakers denounce Trump’s comments that the U.S. is just as bad as Putin’s Russia. So far I’ve seen Marco Rubio and Ben Sasse coming out strongly in opposition to those remarks. I’m sure someone will be sharing a google docs scoring rubric by tonight. Meanwhile, mealy-mouthed Mike Pence makes weak attempts to smooth things over on the Sunday morning talk shows.

A friend took her small daughter (who dressed as Peter Pan) to Finding Neverland last night, and she wrote this:

Nothing is apolitical in the time of The Resistance. 
I took D—– to Finding Neverland today.
There is a bedtime scene, a lullaby scene. The four little boys are in their pajamas, resisting sleep, and four men from the company come in and suddenly the boys are flying as if to dreamland, lifted unexpectedly in an explosion of grace, four pas de deux.
I started crying because I cry all the time at everything, but also because it was so beautiful and unusual. How often do we see men lifting boys in dance?
On our side: masculinity is many things, can be graceful, can be gentle.
On the other side: Trumpism.
You see? 
The future belongs to the open-hearted.

Update: Mitch McConnell joined Sasse and Rubio in distancing himself from Trump’s Putin remarks. Liz Cheney too — though I didn’t realize she was a lawmaker until later because everyone everywhere was just calling her “Dick Cheney’s daughter.” But there hasn’t been a flood of Republicans doing so. Trump tweets instructions that we should blame the court system if something bad happens. Jon Lovett said it was Trump’s most explicit threat to democracy to date.

A plane circling the NRG stadium in Houston (super bowl) is flying a banner that reads “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION”

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