the only way out is through #19

February 4, 2017…Day 16

Radio alarm: kind of a mush because I’ve been having trouble crossing over into the waking world, even with the help of the radio alarm. But one story was on Steve Bannon being on the National Security Council and how the White House tried to use David Axelrod as a precedent from the Obama administration. And the reporter interviewed someone from the Obama administration who said that Axelrod came in at very specific junctures, for very discrete periods of time, to talk about something that overlapped with his work. He didn’t waltz in and out like Sean Spicer said he did, and he would have nowhere near the leeway and established position of power that Steve Bannon now has. The reporter then went on to say that the Trump White House has been doing this a lot: trying to use Obama as a shield for what they are doing. Either by saying something is his fault, or something was his doing, or he was a precedent. Story ended by saying that as the Obama administration found out in its early days when it inherited the two wars and a financial crisis from Bush, that sort of talk wears thin rather quickly. After awhile, it’s just down to YOU and YOUR presidency.

Then looked at Twitter and saw this:

Last night, Sean Spicer’s first press release called the judge’s ruling “outrageous.” It was later revised to take that word out. Then a few hours later, came these morning tweets from Trump.

Later this on Fox, which was more terrifying on actual TV:

From a preview clip of tomorrow’s Super Bowl interview with the president

Protests at Mar-a-Lago tonight.

I spent the day at a self-helpy thing at the Center for Spiritual Living. The pragmatism of the resistance was everywhere there, unexpectedly. It was like people were so restless, they could barely make this long-scheduled self-care thing a priority. And had to bend the topic of conversation to the fight. More on that tomorrow.

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