the only way out is through #17

February 2, 2017… day 14


Radio alarm: rockets falling in East Ukraine. Trump organization loses a lawsuit over a golf course in Florida.

Bodega protest in Brooklyn. Closed sign on window: “My family is detained at JFK” The American and Yemeni flags waving.

Many small things — Seattle on the way to divesting from Wells Fargo. Nordstrom is discontinuing Ivanka Trump’s line. McCain talking to Australia to express support after ghastly call with Trump. Nikki Haley condemning Russia’s actions in east Ukraine to the UN Security Council (might be empty words, since sanctions were eased). Nancy Pelosi calls Steve Bannon a white supremacist twice in her press conference.

After massive backlash, Jason Chaffetz yanks his bill to sell off public lands.

Donald Trump has hired two men to advise him on women in the workforce (WSJ) and likes the women on his staff to “dress like women” (Elle). #Dresslikeawoman is born on Twitter, and is full of inspiring photographs.

Everyone calling the Department of Homeland Security today to comment on Steve Bannon not belonging on the National Security Council.

Someone unearthed that in Neil Gorsuch’s high school yearbook, it said he started the “Fascism Forever” club

Uber CEO to leave Trump advisory council after criticism.

Beyonce pregnancy announcement — yesterday, beginning of Black History Month, an act of resistance, a beacon of hope.

According to CNN, Elon Musk said he would raise objections to the immigration ban at a meeting with trump this weekend.

Howard Stern said Donald Trump just wants to be loved, and the presidency will be “detrimental” to his mental health.

Reason given for Trump blowing up at Australian ambassador: it was the end of the day and he was tired. Spicer went on and on though about how he was “unbelievably angry” about the deal to move 1,250 refugees to the U.S. from Australia.

In Texas, 70  high school students took photos of themselves heil Trumping. In Kentucky a U.S. Navy convoy was seen rolling down the street with a giant Trump flag flying off the back of an armored vehicle.

House votes to repeal legislation that limited sale of guns to people with severe mental illnesses.

At National Prayer Breakfast, Rep. Paco Vargas prays, “Deliver us from the temptation to get even, to make ourselves overly important, and the need to always be right.”

David Petraeus (passed over for Secretary of Defense) warns that divisive actions only strengthen extremism. He says the current international order is not self-sustaining.

A councilwoman from Bremerton, Washington was arrested for shouting “This is bullshit!” at Jeff Sessions hearing.

Minnesota is suing Trump.

At the end of the White House Press Briefing, a reporter says “Why is the President picking a fight with Australia? Why is the President picking a fight with Australia?” Sean Spicer just keeps walking out of the room. Someone else says “WOW.” and a third person says “Twenty-four minutes.” (the shortened length of the press briefing.) Then the feed was cut.

A Russian journalist critical of the Kremlin (a man who has been poisoned under mysterious circumstances in the past), falls into a coma from sudden organ failure.

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