the only way out is through #11

January 27, 2017…. Day 8

Buck up, snowflakes! There’ll be no points given out for sadness!

I’m just kidding. Be sad. Weep. Because Trump defiled America today by signing a Muslim ban and creating chaos in airports, when returning travelers with green cards were kept away from their friends, families, and homes in the U.S.

But then also, there’ll be no points for sadness.

Emergency refugee & immigration march and rally this weekend here in Seattle.

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Tonight the homeless people in King County are being counted. The number last year was 4500.

The Wall Street Journal calls Trump’s treatment of Mexico “amateur hour. Trump and Pena Nieto decide not to feud publicly but jus talk privately. Mexicans launch boycotts of U.S. companies.

Washington Post says leaked audio of the Philadelphia Republican retreat shows that they have no idea what they’re doing or how to do it when it comes to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Maybe I’ve buried the lead: First the Daily Telegraph and the New York Times tonight ran a story about that Russian spy that Rachel Maddow told us was yanked out of a meeting in early December with a bag thrown over his head. Tonight the Telegraph headline: “Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to M16 spy’s dossier on Donald Trump.”

Putin/Trump phone call tomorrow. They’re likely to talk about sanctions. Today Teresa May and Mitch McConnell both spoke out against rolling back sanctions. Pence will be in the room during the phone conversation tomorrow.

Several new big marches kick into organizational mode. Marching for Trump’s taxes. Marching for climate change. Those look like the the big ones.


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