the only way out is through #9

January 25, 2017…. Day 6

Radio alarm: chipper voices, something-something Apple TV. People still care about that shit?

Getting dressed: throw on some subfusc layers that pass for business casual.  People still care about that shit too?

Small action idea: with your kids, make and send Valentines to mosques in your area. They don’t have to be fancy, just genuine. Pen some kind, neighborly words. Mail them off. Teach your kids about what’s going on and give them a chance to do something loving. That’s my two cents.

Never mind, I scuttled that idea: even though I myself am a Hallmark Atheist, I remembered that Valentines is still considered a Christian holiday and Muslims don’t celebrate it. So, I don’t know, I think it might be culturally insensitive to flood them with Valentines. I just imagined a grade school Valentines Day party was all.

EPA–Trump orders scientific papers be reviewed by political staff. There’s a document “floating around” because that’s how word seems to get out now. In the WH press briefing, Sean Spicer said the President hadn’t seen what they were talking about and that nobody anywhere had been ordered to do anything.

People at the press briefing wanted to know what Trump meant, when he said he’d send Feds to Chicago? The Feds in what form?

I heard on Twitter that the gag rule at the USDA had been walked back, but I don’t know if that’s true.

A reporter at the press briefing prefaced his question by saying that Trump’s own attorneys, representing him during the recount, had emphatically stated that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

And again the question is asked, “Isn’t the president questioning the legitimacy of his own election?

David Muir at ABC gave Trump the business in an interview about voter fraud claims. Thank you ABC.

Greenpeace hoisted a huge RESIST sign on a crane that was behind and above the Whitehouse. Some great pictures were taken of the huge bold sign and the Whitehouse, before it was taken down (I assume it was taken down!)

NASA and National Park Service employees set up rogue, winking, catch-me-if-you-can, quasi-official Twitter accounts to keep putting objective scientific facts out for the people.

The official Twitter account of Death Valley National Park was seen tweeting about Japanese internment camps earlier today–I haven’t followed up to see what became of those tweets.

The Dow surges above 20,000 in a stomach-churning Trump euphoria rally. Assholes celebrate.

Sanctuary cities are sanctuaries for more than just illegal immigrants. Seattle mayor Ed Murray says “this city will not be bullied into abandoning its core values.”

AP news: Mexican president says he regrets and rejects the idea of a border wall.

People rallying last night and tonight in New York City. Against the pipeline yesterday, I think. In solidarity with Muslim and other immigrants and refugees tonight. These are emergency rallies–these are spontaneous gatherings. People are standing shoulder to shoulder.

As Christopher Hayes tweeted, “Every day feels like 10 days.”

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