the only way out is through #6

January 22, 2017… Day Three

Radio alarm: storms in the Southeast have killed several people. I hear eleven people, I hear tornadoes, I hear hurricanes–I’m not sure, I was having a hard time waking up.

Dan Rather on Facebook : “Call a lie a lie a lie.”

Marchers from yesterday: Organizing already, encouraging and nudging each other to get on it right away.

Nazi punching: The internet keeps finding new songs to set the Richard Spencer punch to. Other parts of the internet debate whether or not it is ok to punch nazis.

On TV: Kelly Ann Conway tells Chuck Todd that the White House presented “alternative facts” about crowd size. Chuck Todd says “alternative facts” are falsehoods, and questions why the White House would blow its credibility on something like lying about crowd size.

On Twitter: The Merriam-Webster dictionary tweets out the definition of “fact.”

Congress: has re-introduced a bill to withdraw from the United Nations. Everyone thinks that’s too crazy to happen, but since everything has been so crazy so far — we’ll call our representatives just in case.

The Onion headline: “You would do the same thing if an old witch had your father’s soul trapped in a lantern” (written from the viewpoint of Kelly Ann Conway)

NPR reports that ProPublica said that no steps have been taken to actually sever business ties with the Trump business.

A lot of talk about Orwell going around through the inter webs.

I start reading Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

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