the only way out is through #2

January 18, 2017 …. Day T-minus-2

Woke up to NPR on the radio alarm clock: News of Betsy DeVos not quite saying whether or not she wants to privatize education. I get out of bed fairly easily. Not hating life much, not yet. I’ve had worse wake-ups. Next news story is Joe Biden telling Davos that Russia wants to destroy the liberal world order. He probably shouldn’t use the word “liberal.” Trump voters won’t get that it’s a bad thing to destroy the liberal world order. It probably just sounds like bombing Whole Foods. Putin says people who gather kompromat are worse than prostitutes. This is delivered with a straight face by both Putin and the newsreader. Time to go to the bus.

On Facebook, people admiring Tim Kaine in his grilling of cabinet nominees. Someone says questioning Betsy DeVos was like trying to put an oyster in a coin slot. But when another person said Kaine nailed her to the wall, I didn’t like that word choice. Mary Englebreit angered some of her fans with a pro-choice piece of protest art.

Overheard conservative co-workers (CCWs):

CCW1: “I mean, who’s going to be president Saturday and Sunday? It’s not the first day of college. You don’t pick up your syllabus on Friday, then just party all weekend till classes start on Monday!!”

CCW2: “I’m not saying I’m negative on Trump, but it’s 3 days to go and I still don’t understand his long-term policies–and now he’s taking the weekend off? I don’t know. Maybe he just says crazy stuff. God, he’s said some dumb stuff though.”

CCW1: “Trump will get re-elected.”

CCW2: “I knoooooow.”

Relevant headline from Reuters: “Business euphoria over Trump gives way to caution, confusion.”

Podcast revisited: listened to Girl Friday episode 3. I was wrong about them. There was just a guest co-host I didn’t like in the first episode I heard. Episode 3, which comes a few days before Thanksgiving, makes me laugh so much. It hits the right tone. Especially when they talk about their comfort eating. Franchesca Ramsey is really good on it as a guest, too.

Obama’s last press conference. Mother, sister, a few much-appreciated female co-workers. We watch this and feel this and commiserate by text and instant message. Later on Twitter I see the writer Stacia L. Brown‘s take:

The optimism Obama is doggedly clutching right now is how he got through his 8 years. He’s trying to prepare/instruct us, in his way.

At lunch, I am seated next to a middle-aged white man eating a hot dog from 7-Eleven. He is under-employed, working a temporary gig for $12.50 an hour. On his lunch break he was hustling on the phone for something better. Calling contacts, putting a good face on things.

Bus ride home: Text from female acquaintance who was formerly completely apolitical–if anything she would just go along with her moderate Republican husband. She writes me more about logistics for the pussy march on Saturday. She says “I’m going down the rabbit hole on Facebook again. I’m so angry.” She is Vietnamese, the child of immigrants.

Also bus ride home: I see my first completed pussy hat in the wild. It looks surprisingly cute. The woman says her friend made it, has made over 100 and they’ve all been snatched up. I resist a pun (“snatch”). The woman said, “I’ve been wearing this around all week, but today is the first day I got a rush of compliments!” She seems pleased. At first I typed that sentence as “She seems white.” She did seem white. White women are waking up but they are  often problematic. They’ve been doing other things, thinking about other things, they don’t know the right terminology, and they will absolutely say and do the wrong things. Vast swaths of them will make clumsy, entitled, frustrating comrades. I hope women of color will see these white women sort of how I see Evan Mcmullen‘s anti-Trumpism. Useful in a time of war. Oh, and P.S. sometimes I will be that clueless white woman.

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