the only way out is through

January 17,2017… Day T-minus-3

I’ve read that we should be logging changes we see around us. Some people are already doing a really good job with the headlines and current events. I figure that the rest of us can pitch in, like citizen scientists. It’s not so different from bird sightings, or logging barometric pressure, or sticking a microphone in the water in front of your house to record passing whales. Together, we’ll use all of our disparate data points to stitch reality back together as it unravels.

I listened to podcasts today: Rachel Maddow’s audio from last night, the 451 mini-update (they’re just getting that podcast off the ground), and Pod Save America (new home of the Keeping it 1600 guys–who unlike the Politically Reactive Jill-Stein-voting guys, are sticking with us for the duration), and a Republican podcast called Party People. I recommend listening to conservative podcasts, or at least this one. The hosts are calm, wonky, media types who don’t really try to hide that they think Donald Trump is awful–even if they don’t have the same all-encompassing dismay that the left-leaning podcasters have. They are a little more… cautiously curious. On the other hand, this latest episode focused back on the campaign and the use of advertisements and marketing. That felt bizarre with everything that’s been going on. They may not really be serious about shining a light on the Trump administration. At any rate, I figure these guys are like canaries in the coal mine for a Republican tide turning against Trump. If it happens, I think the Party People will let me know. Also, they are likable people with likable voices.

I tried listening to Girl Friday, but I hated the first episode I listened to (Episode 2). I went back to the first episode following the election. I don’t mind going back that far with podcasts. I just hate anything before the election. The first podcast after the election is the right place to start; it is the beginning of the rest of our lives. Anyway, the Girl Friday women (or at least one of them) were a little over-blown about their sadness and then segued suspiciously quickly to giddy self-promotion. People who could be giddy about their personal projects on November 11 — I am suspicious of those people.

I went to see Hidden Figures. Besides the fact that I heard it was a good movie, I went to vote–once for black women in science, and once for the telling of their stories. But I was unexpectedly affected just by the portrayal of science itself. We aren’t going to be able to solve (survive) climate change if we are operating in different realities and facts don’t matter. Also, timely nod to John Lewis–there he is on the TV screen they’re watching, sitting next to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As I walked down the aisle to my seat, there were three older white women knitting hats out of pink yarn. The one in the middle heaved a huge sigh and said, “Well, I’m glad there’s going to be SOMEBODY staying on top of this stuff. I’m not sure I have it in me.” One of her friends said, “You’re doing the best you can.”

Obama commuted Chelsea Mannings‘s sentence. Obama is like the man walking down the beach throwing starfish back in the water. Betsy DeVos had her hearing for education secretary. Apparently it was embarrassing, but she’s expected to be whooshed into the job anyway.

Over on Facebook, a white liberal man calmly explaining to people of color and women, why Milo Yiannapoulos (sp?) should just be allowed to speak at the University of Washington unhindered, because we will be able to meet his racist ideas with better ideas. White man acting like he’s strolling along a river, sport coat thrown over his shoulder, pontificating on interesting times, gesturing with a pipe, breeze ruffling his hair. People of color and women on the thread acting like they are gearing up for a fight for survival, hunkering down into an athletic stance. And some white men too, to be fair.

Overheard at Starbucks: Two clean cut white guys in expensive, tailored business clothes, bantering easily back and forth about the market as it relates to Trump. They touch on various sectors. They’re casual, curious, unconcerned, breezy. Republicans or I’ll eat my hat. The younger one says to the older one, “So would you stay long oil?” The older one pauses and then says–still in a relaxed tone of voice–“I don’t know, I think everyone is about to find out that Trump is… brutally awful.”


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