An incomplete list of incomplete heroes

My mom, Ijeoma Oluo, Lindy West, Alexandra Petrie, Bill Sienkiewicz, Gail Simone, Dan Rather, Van Jones, Keith Ellison, Patty Murray, Kamala Harris, Harry Reid, Orrin Hatch (standing up for the filibuster), John McCain (speaking out against torture), Lindsay Graham (calling for investigation into Russian involvement), Rand Paul (speaking out against secretary of state short list), Ma’Chell Duma, Kara Porter Helgren, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Barack Obama, Michele Obama, Kurt Eichenwald, David Farthenhold, Ezra Klein, Suzan DelBene, Ed Murray, Dow Constantine, Kathleen O’Toole and all the other city and county officials who have spoken up preemptively to say that their cities will remain sanctuary cities. All the Republicans who voted for Hillary Clinton. All the Republicans who might have voted for Trump but will be speaking out against fascist tendencies in a Trump Whitehouse. All the Christians who are Christ-like. All the Jews who said they would stand with Muslims. Everyone who won’t look away.

I’m hoping to add a lot more conservatives for a lot more reasons.

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