Self-Centered Comic Book Reviewing

It’s ok to be self-centered, in the sense that, well — you are you. You pretty much better be centered IN yourself, if not ON yourself.

Are you reviewing comic books because you want to get into comic book writing, drawing, or editing yourself?

Are you trying to impress someone?

Do you want to feel closer to comics creators?

Are you trying to give good press to indie creators you don’t think get enough attention?

Do you get mad when those creators seem indifferent to your efforts when you were just trying to HELP them?

Do you feel defensive about being on the sidelines?

Are you afraid of making comics industry people mad?

Do you quiver with pleasure when a blurb of yours shows up on the cover of a trade paperback? Do you treat it like an accomplishment? Do you realize that being selected for a blurb just means someone thought you made a good shill right then, with those seventeen words you strung together acceptably well?

Have you considered that a review is an essay, and the essay is an artform? You — yes, you! — are making art. Do you know what that means? You’re expressing yourself. Your goddamn SELF.

So be selfish. Eat comic books in wolfish gulps and respond without fear. Stride across the earth. Let your belches echo off the mountainsides. It’s all your fodder  — YOURS. You, You, You.

Other people are still out there, but they don’t matter as much as you do.

What do you have to tell us?


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