Call Me Lady Killjoy

Joelle Jones and Laura Allred made some enjoyable dresses, hairstyles, interiors, and colors. But Lady Killer #1 reads like Stepford Wives fan fic, and would be a lot better if it was. Otherwise it’s just the cute story of a woman trapped in a terrible nightmare. Not only must she live out the tired trope of the lacquered, fraudulent 1960s American housewife, but her secret life is one in which she is indentured to a bad man and has to do terrible things in the same uncomfortable, impractical clothing. Does she have a secret life in which she does her own liberated, nasty shit, and then she has to go home and dress for dinner before her husband gets home? Oh no. She has to wear those clothes and that hairstyle all freaking day. And everything murderous she does is on orders from a man who has power over her and who imperils the other life she has that also revolves around a man. She has no discernible personality or will, and just acts like a robot who can be alternately sing-songy or mildly disgruntled or murderous. She is basically a psychopath. She has extremely creepy doll like daughters. This book is a drag passing itself off as a lark.

Published by Dark Horse, Story by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich, Art by Joelle Jones, Colors by Laura Allred.

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