LEANTRO #6  is up on Ulises Farinas’s Orgo’s Books of Knowledge !!

LEANTRO takes place in the same wintry world as the original MOTRO web-comic by Ulises on act-i-vate. I was hugely inspired in general by this web comic. Leantro and Motro are both stocky people with three toes on each foot.

The sketch below on the left is what Ulises drew for me to understand the size and strength of Leantro’s people. She’s standing next to a ten-toed human man (the kind we’re used to).

The panel on the right is from the original MOTRO webcomic. MOTRO was a huge inspiration for the feeling of Leantro’s story, and just an influence on how I want to tell stories in general.

LEANTRO body leantro motro

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