So Cute It’s Ugly: My Little Pony vs. Mega-City Two

(This was just silly… written at The Naive Review a couple months ago)

Some things are so ugly they’re cute, like this baby rhino:


Other things are just cute, like this My Little Pony toy I remember from my childhood:


And then there’s this total horribleness:


What the fuck am I looking at? If that’s supposed to be cute, it is definitely so cute it’s ugly. Shark-jumping cute. Gag me with a wooden spoon cute. I haaaaaate it. 

Now look at this panel from Judge Dredd Mega-City Two #3:


That noseless bug-eyed giant-breasted “cute girl” is what the new My Little Ponies look like to me. But Ulises Farinas drew her as satire. She’ssupposed to be so cute she’s awful.

And the little girl in the foreground has small eyes and is crying and she isn’t very cute. Her little Barry Badger doll is old and worn and he has little eyes too. But look at how her ear sticks out of her hair, and how Barry’s little arm is draped over her arm. And how she’s holding on to him. It’s really sweet. It’scute.

And that’s how Ulises Farinas gets away with all his cute ideas and whimsical easter eggs in a Judge Dredd series where adorable smiling teddy bears are the emblem of a law enforcement agency. 


When reached for comment on this story, Ulises Farinas said “I’m a brony.”

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